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  1. I just came and see BriLUG addressed here by Mino Palano of PC Time after almost seventeen days of Linux trial to get shot of Win 8.1.

    Is here anyone ready to explain me why should I prefer LINUX, maybe one version in particular, to Win xp he sp2 ?

    Thanks for your care !


    • Hi Mik,
      Thanks for contacting us.
      There are so many reasons why to choose Linux instead of Windows in general. I would not say first of all in this case, because could be the last if you prefer, but I guess you bought your Windows license to run you pc, is’t it. With Linux you don’t need to buy the license, it is free to use, and , free to modify if you like, since it is open source. Also toward security, how may times you came across the virus problem with your win os? I guess you also had to buy a license as well on a decent anti-virus as well. Well Linux doesn’t really need an antivirus, even if you could install one by your own, again for free..
      Linux is also very stable, respect of Windows, no need to reboot after installing or removing software, drivers… also no blue screen that it is still present often with windows 10!
      Linux has also a great community where to address any issue that you may find using it.. and for free. Nowadays there are millions of devices around the world that has Linux embedded, for it’s capabilities. There are many other reasons to take Linux in consideration, but you will discover them using it. Keep on using it and let us know if you need additional information. Hope this helps!

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